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Message from the Technical Programme Chairman

Dear Participant of the 22nd European Biomass Conference

On behalf of the scientific committee and the new industry committee, it is great pleasure to invite you to be part of the 22nd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EU BC&E). As you will probably know, the conference series started more than 30 years ago. You will also probably know that the conference has a great scientific tradition which now extends from biomass itself, to conversion processes for biofuels, bioenergy and biorefineries and to industrial applications and impacts on the environment. This now means the conference necessarily involves close interactions between the pure science, industrial exploitation of the results of research and the policy makers who provide the framework for research and industry so that both economic and environmental sustainability can be achieved. The key focus of the 22nd EU BC&E will therefore be the interaction between research, industry and policy makers. This will be a challenge for organisers and participants alike, but the interaction and the integration of the 3 main arms of the conference (research, industry and policy) are essential if biomass is to make a continued significant contribution to the developing of low-carbon economy. Indeed, Europe has ambitious targets for 2020 and beyond for sustainable biomass, bioenergy, biofuels and biorefineries.

The programme for the 22nd conference and exhibition is being tailored to ensure closer interaction between research, industry and policy. We need to focus on how scientific innovations can be more efficiently exploited, what are the needs of the cutting edge industries leading the way with scaling up of technologies, what are the research priorities in the minds of industry and policy makers and how can sustainability be maintained. A new Industry Committee has been set up to sit alongside the existing Scientific Committee in order to ensure a stronger role for industry. The exhibition will continue to provide an obvious platform for interaction, there is an opportunity for organisations to contribute to building 4 parallel sessions, within the main programme of the conference, which will be designed to present and discuss key cross-cutting topics. There will of course be plenty of opportunities for organisations, projects and consortia to hold side events (meetings, seminars and workshops) on the conference site.

The call for abstracts is open until October 28th 2013. Please have a close look at the outline topics in the programme and see how you can best contribute to the closer interaction whether you are a researcher, an industry person or a policy maker working with biomass. We look forward to assembling an exciting and rewarding programme for Hamburg in 2014.

David Baxter
Technical Programme Chairman
European Commission, JRC